In need of office equipment

We supply a wide range of major brand desktop and laptop personal computers to businesses, including HP, Sony, Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, Toshiba and IBM. 
If you have more specific requirements, we can build entirely bespoke PCs, manufactured and supplied from our Olney workshops, tailor-made to your exact requirements. Why not email us your requirements and get a free quote? 
As partners of Microsoft, Intel and AMD resellers 
We only select the very best components – those we know to be best for performance, reliability and compatibility. 
We guide the production process carefully and use extensive quality controlling measures, so you’re guaranteed a first-class result. 

Network health check and upgrades 

It’s essential to check the health/strength of your network to ensure your business is not slowed down by your infrastructure. Making sure the security is up to date is also key to a smooth-running operation, as 70% of small firms that have a data security breach go out of business within a year. 
An all the more crucial note: you must keep your customers’ data safe. 

Safe and secure back-up service 

Traditional backup systems (tape, disk, USB memory) are best intermittent and slow and at worst don’t work when you need them the most! Mirror Servers and Counter-Act have partnered up to get rid of this headache. 
Instead of waiting hours to find that your current backup media is unusable, be up and running with your data within minutes. Reduce recovery & restore times up to 80% compared to traditional tape-based systems. 
The system can be employed on as few as one home user laptop or desktop system, right through to Windows Servers, including SQL and Exchange Server. 
All businesses need robust and secure IT networks so that they can concentrate on growing. Your IT infrastructure supports your growth so it mustn't let you down and that's where Counter-Act comes in. 
We specialise in supporting local businesses and have an enviable reputation so call us today on 01234 240680 for all your business IT requirements. 
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