We can advise how to setup NAS (Network Attached Storage) based backup, cloud-based backup and also offer our own bullet-proof online backup servers. 

We can supply and install traditional backup systems such as simple USB hard drives, but we have more complex options if you have specific requirements. Depending on the requirements of your business or your home needs, we can discuss other methods. 

Our Backup Services 

Reduce recovery & restore times up to 80% compared to traditional systems. 
Counter-Act Systems have partnered up with an industry leader to supply your offsite / online backup solution. Instead of waiting hours to find that your current backup media is unusable, be up and running with your data within minutes. Reduce recovery and restore times up to 80% compared to traditional systems. 
The system can be employed on as few as one home user PC, right through to Windows Servers, including SQL and Exchange Servers to give full network protection. 
In these days of high cyber security threats a robust back up process isn't a luxury, it's a necessity as loss of data can cause significant business issues. 
Call us today on 01234 240680 to talk about IT security and data back ups and protect your business NOW. 
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